Sunday, 13 March 2011

Review sites worth considering

Most authors, whether self- or traditionally published, will have to spread the word about their book at the beginning of their career. Searching the internet for review sites can take a long time. To save you time, I've put together a list with a few sites that should get you started and keep you busy for a few days. You won't be able to get your book featured in each and every one of those, but a few good reviews should spark some major interest in what you have to sell.

Mysteries:Poetry:Romance and women's fiction (including paranormal lit):Science fiction and fantasy:

Please do your research and read the fine print before submitting to any of these sites as I can't guarantee they're all free. To your publishing success!

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  1. This is an AWESOME list! I'm printing it out. Thanks for these fantastic tips. I never even thought of half of these. I'm going to print out the marketing tips as well. Thanks, Jayde.