Thursday, 23 February 2012

Meet the artist

As you know the print book art for Voodoo Kiss was designed by the amazingly talented Sarah Tee. Today I'd like to share a few details about Sarah:

- She's only 18!!!
- Her father introduced her to Photoshop 3 years ago. She basically opened it and just started to play around with all the effects, and instantly fell in love with the software.
- She taught herself everything there is to know about digital manipulation
- She draws most of her inspiration from her own emotions. She suffered from severe depression and her art was an outlet. Her pain and sadness were inspiration for many of her earlier work when she was proud to create something beautiful out of something that was killing her. Even after she started to get better, she still uses those moments to help create some of her work today. Sometimes the images themselves inspire her to create something out of them.
- In the future, she hopes to get into media work, or any other career in which she can make use of her Photoshop skills
- If you're looking for coverart, she can be hired any time. There is an introductory offer if you mention this blog post.

I believe Sarah will be a huge artist one day. To have a look at her portfolio or if you want to contact her, go to her website:

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